What is Rajputi Poshak ?

Hello Friends! As you know, Rajputi Poshak has made a lot of noise all over India! If you also want to know about Rajputi dresses, then you are at the right place, so let’s start –

Rajputi Poshak is a traditional dress worn by the women of the Rajputi community in Rajasthan. It is fast becoming the first choice of Indian women to wear for every occasion! Rajputi costumes have been a very important contribution to the culture of Rajasthan, which cannot be forgotten even if one wants to! Its texture, workmanship, and way of wearing it are counted among royal clothes. The princes of earlier times preferred to wear pure-hand Bandhej dresses.

In olden times gold-silver and many types of expensive metals were used in hand works which were not possible for everyone to buy, the workmanship of expensive metals with hand Bandhej gave a royal look to the dress! With the passage of time, their practice has reduced and now machine works have taken their place. Along with hand work, machine work is also preferred in today’s dresses. Machine works are much cheaper than hand work, which is very good for a middle-class family!

Best Rajputi Poshak – A four-piece stitched mixed outfit!

1) Lehenga: It is a garment worn from the waist to the feet like a Kalidar skirt.

2) Kanchli: It is a blouse-like garment worn by women under the Kurti.

3) Kurti: A half-sleeve kurta-like garment worn over a Kanchali.

4) Odhna: It is a kind of garment worn on the head like a scarf!

best rajputi poshak

Although there are many types of Rajputi dress, on the basis of texture and use, it can be divided into two parts.

(A) Heavy Rajputi Poshak: As the name itself suggests, heavy work is used in this type of dress. These are very heavy dresses in weight! In the olden times, such dresses were adorned with many metals like gold, silver, etc. Over time, their circulation decreased and at present gold-silver, copper, and silk threads are used in them.

(B) Light Rajputi Poshak: These dresses are much lighter than heavy dresses! These types of dresses are used by Rajputi women for everyday or domestic work! Lightweight Rajputi Attire made for everyday work!

As we said, Rajputi Poshak has a distinct identity for its majestic style, texture, and workmanship! A lot of work and workmanship goes into creating the best Rajputi outfit! Due to this the beauty of these dresses shines even more! Zari-Zardozi, Moti, Kundan-Stone, Aari-Tari, Mukesh, Gota-Patti, Ring-Tari, and Handwork, are some such works that are very popular not only in Rajasthan but all over the world! Many types of fabrics like georgette, satin, cotton, sequence, etc. are used to stitch Rajputi Poshak.

We can also divide Rajputi costumes on the basis of clothes: –

(A) Pure Rajputi Poshak: This Poshak comes in the highest class of all types of Poshak! Thakur Ji Pure, Somo Satin, Parcha, Bamboo Satin, Natural Crepe, Upada Silk, Chiffon, Muslin, Viskosh, etc. are many such fabrics that are used for sewing pure Rajputi dresses! Pure Georgette Thakur ji fabric is most commonly used for bridal wear and all kinds of heavy dresses and then the Best Rajputi Poshak is designed by adding various types of work to it!

(B) Half pure Rajputi Poshak: In fact, if a middle-class person is not able to buy pure Rajputi Poshak then half pure dress was used for them! These dresses are a tad inferior in quality to Pure Rajputi Poshak in every way! Fabrics like Hamrahi Half Pure, Dana-Satin, Dana Crepe, Dana Natural, etc. are used for stitching in such dresses! These dresses are mostly used by Rajputi women in daily life.

(C) Cotton Rajputi Poshak: As the name suggests, only pure cotton fabric is used in this type of Poshak and it consists of only covering jointing and a complete dress of sorts! Fabrics like Santoon, muslin, Chanderi, Linen, Silk-cotton, and Chiffon cotton are used for Cotton Dresses.

Even today, the influence of Rajputi Poshak is going on in the same way as it used to be during our princely times! Not only the royal families and celebrities but today women of all ages and all walks of life are attracted to Rajputi Poshak. In today’s time, Rajputi Poshak is being used by people of every community according to their own.

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